The Haslam System of Dress-cutting Lingerie No. 7 1940s Designs Book



This is the Haslam System of Dresscutting – IllustratedBook of Drafting for Lingerie No. 7.
This edition is packed full of Bras and panties, step ins (cmai-knickers), aprons and much,
much more. There is even a shirt for the man of the House!

Table of Contents:
Dressing Jacket, Bed jacket and Nightgown
Under slip, French Knickers and Bras
Cami and Knickers (Panties)
House Gowns (House dresses)
Dressing Gown
Maternity Wear; Dress and Smock
Blouses, Skirts (including corselet) 6 Gore and Gor-ay
Bolero and 4 Gore Skirt
Cardigan and House coat
Slacks (Pants), Waistcoat and Mans Shirt

You will need the foundation How to book and Measurement Boards to draft these gorgeous

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