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This is a test blog post

140013 cMAR TL Y simple frock r.) with slim waist section and swinging skirt. Notice, too, the attractive shape of the neck, and the button-up bodice with its soft shirring. Send to the Yorkshire Warehouse Co. for patterns of their new dress fabrics. For 36-inch bust : 35/6-inch material, 3% yards; or 54-inch width, 21/2 yards.

139833 HERE’S plenty of flat-tery in this afternoon frock. See its softly draped front and full sleeve-tops, its becoming pointed waistline and flared skirt ! You’ll like it in Crepe Delius, a ” tested quality ” fabric made with Courtauld’s rayon. For 36-inch bust : 35/6-inch material, 4% yards; or 54-inch woollen, 2% yards.
Weidons Paper Patterns of the designs in this book are obtainabi