1920s Magyar Style One-piece Dress Knitting Pattern



Lady’s Magyar Shape One-piece Dress in a Medium size, Ribbed throughout. The dress is worked in one-piece,
starting at the hem of the back and finishing at the hem of the front. The cuff welts are added after and
a striped vestee is knitted at the centre front.

There is a small amount of crochet included to trim the neck.

MATERIALS. 24 ozs.(681g) Sirdar Coronation 4-ply wool, dark shade; 8 ozs. (227g) Sirdar Coronation
4-ply wool, light shade; 1 pair needles, size 8 (4mm), or, if a loose knitter, size 9 (3.75mm)

Tension. 6 sts. to the inch.

Size.-Length, shoulder to foot, 46 inches ; sleeves, wrist to wrist, 54 inches, and 1 inch on each
cuff to turn back;

Bust, 36 inches ; hips, 39 inches.

Before beginning this dress, cast on 18 sts. and knit a square. If this does not measure 3 inches each side,
then change the needles, and do not commence the dress until quite sure that 18 sts. gives 3 inches.
This is most important and must be checked in order to ensure a successful garment.

Please note you are buying a copy of the pattern, not the original or the finished garments

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Paper pattern, Downloadable PDF pattern