Vintage 1920s Flapper Dresses and Coats French Ready Printed Sewing Pattern


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Ready Printed Pattern

Perfect for the Downton Abbey look. This Early 1924
Sewing Pattern has 5 designs on one pattern sheet.

It’s in French but you can easily use one of the free
online translation sites to help. They are easy to use
and you just trace off the pattern you want, one at a
time. You follow the pattern key to trace off the
individual style (similar to Burda).

Sizes are:
Tan Dress EU size 44 Flying dress – Robe a Volant
Green Outfit EU Size 44 Fur trimmed Tunic – Tunique
bordee de fourrure
Grey outfit EU 46 Wrap over coat – Manteau Croise
Blue outfit EU 46 Dress suit – Robe tailleur
Black Blouse 44

They are in one size but could easily be graded up or
down as there are no seams allowed.

I’ve used these myself and they are fairly easy to
understand as long as you have some knowledge
of using sewing patterns and are not a complete

Skill Level: Intermediate and above

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