1950s Ruched Halter Evening Dress, Bolero and Stole Ready Printed Sewing Pattern Bust 34


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The dress has a skirt that gathers into the bodice which
is ruched at the front, plain at the back, with a halter
strap and zip closure. You can also make a simple
matching Bolero or stole to go with it.

Although it looks complicated to make, it’s not. The
only real work here is the ruching to the front of the
bodice. The pattern instructions are very clear on
how to do this and the rest of the dress is very simple
to assemble.

A few Fabric suggestions: Silks, Rayon, Cotton. This
one would also look extremely good in Taffeta or
maybe a sheer like Organdie or similar for the

To fit Bust 34 ins. Waist 28 ins.

The pattern comes with instructions and a sewing

Skill level: Intermediate

Reproduction pattern – Copyright My Vintage
Wish 2018. All rights reserved.