1950s Pin Up or Rockabilly Wiggle Suits Trace off Pattern


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There are 5 Designs on this easy-to-use pattern sheet.
Three Jacket suits one with a draped blouse. One
button detail Dress and a Dress and jacket.

There are no instructions to follow, which seems to
be a theme for these patterns but there are clear
diagrams of the pattern pieces for each design.

I have translated as much as is helpful but the rest
you can easily follow using one of the free online
translation sites to help.

These are pattern sheets with all the designs on
one sheet, you just follow the key for each pattern
and trace off adjusting for size with seam allowance.
You follow each Patterns key to get the piece that
you want, pretty much like Burda magazine patterns

They are easy to use and you can use them again and
again without ever needing to cut your original copy up.

The patterns are for Taille (size) 46 (14US or 16UK) but
you can adjust to fit 44 (12US or 14UK) and 48 (16US
or 18UK) as well.

Please note that the US and UK sizes are an estimation
of equivalent sizes. I recommend that you check
yourself as I can’t guarantee they are correct.

Skill Level: Advanced

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