1940’s WW2 Service Panties and Bloomers PDF Knitting Pattern


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Beautifully shorter fitting panties, knitted in a
pretty stitch with firmly gripping waistband
and the longer regulation knickers that could
be worn under your uniform or civilian clothes.

For the panties you will need 4oz (120grams)
3-ply. No. 11 ( 3mm UK) and No. 13 (2.25mm
UK or 1 US) Needles, 3/4 yard (0 .75m) elastic
for waist

Panties will fit up to a 38 inch hip

For the Knickers you will need 5oz (150g) 3-ply
No. 10 (3.25mm UK) or 3 US) and No. 12 (2.75mm
UK or 2 US), 3/4 yard (0 .75m) elastic for waist

Knickers will fit 38-40 inch hip

The pattern comes as one easy to download
and print PDF

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Wish 2015. All rights reserved

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elastic, Knitting needles, wool