1940’s Wartime Winter Vest and Panties PDF Knitting Pattern Bust 34-36


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A really cute Winter Undies set from 1942 right in the
middle of wartime rationing and shortages, when
every coupon counted and new things were saved
up for and only if you really needed them, yarn
included. It was often the case of unraveling old
knitting that had had its best days or was now too
small and using that instead of precious coupons.

The set includes a camisole style vest with ribbon
straps and long knickers/bloomers. They are worked
in a fancy stitch not unlike a fancy tiny mock cable
with two strands of yarn giving the extra thickness
for the cold weather.

You could probably substitute the double strand
of 3 ply for D.K but check the tension first, as this
is only a suggestion.

TENSION: 8 sts. to an inch flattened but not pressed

7 oz. (approx 200g) Beehive non-shrink baby wool 3 ply
for the complete set or 4oz. (approx 120g) for each one
if knitted separately. A pair each No. 9 (3.75mm) and
No. 12 (2.75mm) needles.A No. 10 (3.25mm) crochet
hook for finishing 1 yard (91cm) ribbon for shoulder

VEST. Bust: 34/36 ins. Length from underarm:
21 ins.

Length : 19.5 ins. (unstretched) Inside Leg
seam 6.5 ins.

The needles are old sizes so I have included a
conversion chart to help

The pattern comes as one easy to download
and print PDF

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