1940’s Wartime Two Way Siren Suit Vintage Sewing Pattern – Bust 36 – PDF Instant Download


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A Two way Siren Suit from the 1940’s wartime years.
It was designed to wear over your pajamas or whatever
you were wearing at the time the sirens went off to
keep warm in the often cold and damp Anderson
shelters or underground stations.

This one has two options, one with a hood and gathered
ankle cuffs the other with a collar and the legs free. Both
have pockets at the hip and one at the breast and button
up the front with a nipped in waist.

As usual with these wartime patterns no fabric
suggestions are included. It was a matter of whatever
you could get your hands on fabric wise or use
something like an old worn blanket maybe. So try
a wool or Flannel suiting or for a lighter weight,
cottons, linen etc.

To fit Bust 36 ins. Hip 40 ins. There is no waist
measurement as you would have adjusted to fit.

Skill level: Intermediate and upwards

The pattern has step by step instructions and I
have included a helpful sewing guide

Included is a print at Home PDF Multi-page pattern
you do yourself and a Large format file you can take
to a print shop if you prefer

When printing the pattern from the PDF, you must
choose actual size on your printer menu, otherwise
your pattern will come out the wrong dimensions.

Digital reproduction pattern – Copyright My Vintage
Wish 2018. All rights reserved.