1940’s Wartime Turbans and Gloves PDF Knitting Pattern


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Wartime styles for covering your hair without
the need for a trip to the salon. Which girls
was a treat at best during this hard time, so
something practical and cheap was needed
and something nearly everyone could do, knit
or crochet a turban! Mission accomplished!

Turban No. 1
The soft springy pattern of this turban gives it a
particularly good grip on the head. It’s knitted in
two sections and joined and gathered beneath a
narrow strip at the front of the head, fitting over
the head like a cap.

MATERIALS : 3 ozs. (90g) of Fingering or 3-ply,
pair of No. 1 1 and No. 6 knitting needles.
MEASUREMENTS : Turban is about 23 inches
long from front seam to ends, and 5 inches wide

Turban No. 2
An effective turban-scarf in fishnet crochet.
Crocheted all in one colour and has two con-
trasting colours thonged across it afterwards
to give a delightful plaid effect.

MATERIALS : 2ozs. (60g) of Fingering or 3-ply
for main part of scarf, and 2oz (60g) in 2 contrast
colours for the the thonging. No. 0 bone crochet

hook .
MEASUREMENTS : Scarf will measure about 8
inches in width and 36 inches in length

Turban No. 3
Delightful turban-cap is very simple to crochet.
The twisted coil round the edge is very pretty.
MATERIALS : 2 ozs. (60g) Fingering, 4-ply, and a
No. 12 crochet hook.

MEASUREMENTS : Cap will measure nearly 20 inches
round head edge, after pressing, and 5.25 inches
from middle of crown to lower edge.

Turban No. 4
Is a straight strip of knitting, each half knitted in a
contrasting colour. It gives this charming turban,
the ends of which are twisted in front the rolled
effect in the image. The stitch is easy and effective
MATERIALS : I oz.(30g) each of Fingering or 3-ply,
in two colours, (Total of 60g) and I pair of No. I0
knitting needles.

MEASUREMENTS : Length of turban about 32 inches,
width 6.5 inches.

The needles are old sizes so I have included a
conversion chart to help with old to metric and
US sizes

The pattern comes as one easy to download
and print PDF

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