1940s Wartime Snoods in Knitting & Crochet PDF Pattern


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Attractive styles, one in plain knitting and one
in simple crochet

Knitted Snood
Wear the snood plain, or with a ribbon bow or
loops at the top. For dressy occasions, tiny
flowers or sequins look charming scattered
over the snood. Some sugges­tions for
trimmings are shown on the back of this

The Crochet Snood
(Smaller picture on Cover) is quickly worked in
large chain loops. Here and there, at fairly wide
intervals are little bobbles, which gives interest
to the loop crochet and at the same time mark
where flowers, ribbons, or other trimmings can
be sewn. The snood is shaped cleverly to fan
out a little at base, giving a pretty curved line
when the hair is inside, whilst the narrower top
fits smoothly over the crown of the head.

The needles and hooks are old UK sizes so I
have included a conversion chart to help

The pattern comes as one easy to download
and print PDF

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Wish 2015. All rights reserved