1940s Twin Set PDF Vintage Knitting Pattern Bust 34


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This Lady’s Twinset has a dainty very feminine
cross-over jumper with a small v-neck, ideal with
or without the button-up cardigan jacket.

The original was worked in Copley’s 2 ply Excelsior
wool which is a (14wpi) 4 ply according to Ravelry.
The needles are No. 10 (3.25) and 12 (2.75).

Tension: On No. 10 needles 8 sts. to 10 rows to
one square inch over the smooth fabric.

Measurements: To fit a 34-inch Bust

You will need approx 11oz (approx 320g)) of yarn
to knit both

The needles are old sizes so I have included a
conversion chart to help

The pattern comes as one easy to download
and print PDF

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