1940’s Make Do and Mend Wartime Blouse Bust 38 Ready Printed Sewing Pattern


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Another one of those wonderful make do and mend,
use as little fabric as possible designs from Weldon’s
during the forties wartime era.

The blouse has a one piece back and a three piece
front which gathers into the central yoke and has a
band along the bottom. The waistline is gathered
which gives it a slouched finish around the waist.
A pretty little collar finishes the slashed neck and
the waist closes with a placket at the bottom at the
left side. The puff top sleeves are pleated at the top
to give a crisp finish.

You could make this in cotton, cotton blends, chambray
etc or you could just make from an old dress in the
spirit of the era!

The pattern is Bust 38 ins.

Skill level: Intermediate

The pattern comes with with step by step Instructions
and a helpful sewing guide.

Reproduction pattern – Copyright My Vintage
Wish 2020. All rights reserved.