1940s Leather Hats and Bags PDF Print at Home Sewing Pattern


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This pattern was printed during the 1940s’s and makes
use of odds and ends of suede and leather that could
have been easily obtained at the time. Or you could
use an old jacket or item of clothing to make them.

This is a great pattern for up-cycling. You could easily
replace the leather or suede for a good quality coat
or suiting weight fabric.

I have added full size patterns for the two hats and
the envelope (clutch) bag and Butterfly Brooch to get
you started. The shoulder bag and small clutch are just
simply squares and easy enough to cut and make using
the directions. There is also a pattern for flowers that
is in diagram form and easy enough to copy and make.

The Pattern and Instructions come as easy to download
and print PDFs

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