1940’s Chevron Striped Crochet Sweater PDF Pattern


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Diagonally striped jumper for the summer.
Nice and easy to make. Doesn’t state what
type of yarn to use, but I would make a guess
at 4 ply for this one as it’s made up on a small
crochet hook. Please check tension etc before

Details of the style:
The work is done in diagonal rows, first down
the right front then turning to work up the left
front by working a group of 5 tr. into the middle
tr. of the corresponding group in the previous
row. The bands around the waist and edges of
the sleeves are added after. All work is done
in tr. st.

Will fit a 35-36 inch bust
Length from shoulder to lower edge: 18 ins
Sleeve seam: 7 ins

The pattern comes as one easy to download
and print PDF

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