1940s Cami-knicker Ready Printed Sewing Pattern Bust 36


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When economy was the watch word during the 1940’s
rationing era the pattern makers went all out to get
their patterns to use the least amount of fabric. This
pattern is a good example. You could have some
pretty and new feminine Lingerie for the least amount
of material and coupons. This one only used 1 yard of
36 inch fabric and they look so good!

It’s a 36 inch Bust size

It was noted that during this time that professional
dressmakers were reminded that they must comply
with the making of civilian clothing (Restriction) Orders.

The pattern comes with Step by Step instructions and
a helpful sewing guide.

Suggested fabrics: Rayon, silk, satin, Lawns, or
lingerie fabrics.

Reproduction pattern – Copyright My Vintage Wish 2017.
All rights reserved.