1940s Bikini Bathing Suit and bolero PDF Knitting Pattern 34-35 Bust


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As woolen fabric expands a little when wet, a bathing
suit must fit the figure firmly before it is worn in the
water, otherwise it will be liable to sag; so the sizes
given, are not those of the finished garment, but
will stretch in wear to required dimensions.

8 oz. (230g) White, 2 oz (60g) Royal Blue, PATONS
BEEHIVE Fingering, 3-ply (” Patonised” shrink-resist
finish). A Small quantity of Scarlet for embroidery.
Two No. 13 – two No. 12 – two No. 10 Knitting Needles

Bathing Suit, to fit 34-35 ins. bust.
Hips 36-37 ins.
Bolero, to fit 34-35 ins bust.
Length from top of shoulder to lower edge, 12 ins.
Length of sleeve seam, 4 ins.

Length: 16 ins. (Waist to bottom of leg. Can be more
if needed .) Hips: 38 ins.

The needles are old sizes so I have included a
conversion chart to help

The pattern comes as one easy to download
and print PDF

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