1930s Stylish Evening or Day Dress Ready Printed Sewing Pattern Bust 32


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A really gorgeous dress from 1938. This one-piece frock
can be made long or short. The blouse has gathered fronts
that cross on a high diagonal line, built-up neckline,
and short kimono sleeves.

The wide front skirt panel joins camisole front under
draped blouse sections. Back and side front of the
skirt join under the tie belts inserted in side-front seams.

Belts cross at the back and extend to tie or buckle at the front

A few of the fabric suggestions: Silk crepe, Silk jersey,
Satin, Rayons

To fit Bust 32 ins. – Hip 35 ins.

Skill level: Intermediate and up

Comes with Step by Step Instructions and a helpful
sewing guide.

Not for the novice sewer as it has some difficult
elements to navigate, like sewing bias, satin, etc.

Reproduction pattern – Copyright My Vintage
Wish 2021. All rights reserved.