1930s Dress, Coat, Skirt and Blouse Vintage German PDF Print at home Pattern


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These gorgeous patterns from 1932 have a touch
of class this era seemed to epitomize.

They are in German but you can easily use one
of the free online translation sites to help. They
are easy to use and you just trace off the pattern
you want one at a time (like Burda)..You can use
again and again without the need to cut the
pattern sheet up.

Also with this type of pattern, to get a larger or
smaller size it was a matter of either adding more
seam allowance for the larger sizes or not adding
any seam allowance at all for the smaller sizes.

Sizes are:
Evening dress – 42-44 (35-37 Bust)
Winter Coat – 44-48 (36-40 Bust)
Blouse 1 – 44-48 (36-40 Bust)
Blouse 2- 44 (35-37 Bust)
Skirt – 42-48 (35-40 Bust)

Please note this is an estimation of equivalent
sizes. Also remember that most vintage patterns
are usually different than today’s standard and I
have taken this into account with the above
estimates. But I do recommend that you check
ourself as I can’t guarantee they are correct.

When printing the pattern from the PDF, you must
print the first page of the pattern, which has a test
square to to make sure your printer is set correctly.
It’s formatted for both US letter/legal and A4.
Also included is a larger A0 print file.
Digital reproduction pattern – Copyright My
Vintage Wish 2015. All rights reserved.