1930s Dress, Coat, Skirt and Blouse German Sewing Pattern – Draft Yourelf Patterns


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Paper Pattern Sheet

These gorgeous patterns from 1932 have a touch of class this era seemed
to epitomize.

They are in German but you can easily use one of the free online
translation sites to help. They are easy to use and you just trace off the
pattern you want one at a time (like burda).. You can use again and again
without the need to cut the pattern sheet up.

Also with this type of pattern, to get a larger or smaller size it was a
matter of either adding more seam allowance for the larger sizes or not
adding any seam allowance at all for the smaller sizes.

Sizes are:
Evening dress – 42-44 (10-12US or 12-14UK)
Top Coat with fur collar – 44-48 (12-16US or 14-18UK)
Blouse 19107 – 44-48 (12-16US or 14-18UK)
Blouse 19106 – 44 (12US or 14UK)
Skirt – 42-48 (10-16US or 12-18UK)

Please note this is an estimation of equivalent sizes. Also remember that
most vintage patterns are usually smaller than today’s standard and I
have taken this into account with the above estimates.
But I do recommend that you check yourself as I can’t guarantee they are

I’ve used these myself and they are fairly easy to understand
as long as you have some knowledge of using sewing patterns
and are not a complete beginner.

Skill Level: Advanced

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