1920s Flapper Dresses French Trace Off Pattern


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Ready Printed Pattern

1927 Flapper Era. There are 4 Designs on this easy-to-use
pattern sheet. There are no seams allowed so you would
need to add them.

They are in French but you can easily use one of the
free online translation sites to help. It is easy to use,
you just trace off the pattern you want one at a time
using the pattern key for the particular design you
want to make. You can use again and again without
the need to cut the pattern sheet up.

Sizes are:
Robe a col dentele – Lace Collar Dress – Taille 46
(Spprox 38 Bust)
Robe a plastron – Bib Dress – Taille 44 (
approx 36 Bust)
Robe a Medaillons – Medallion Dress – Taille 42
(approx 34 Bust)
Manteau quadrille – Quadrille Coat – Taille 44
(approx 36 Bust)

Each design is in the one size stated but could easily
be grading up or down.

I’ve used these myself and they are fairly easy to
understand as long as you have patience and a
good working knowledge of sewing and patterns

Skill Level: Advanced

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