1920s Flapper Dresses and Dressing Robe Trace Off Patterns


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Perfect examples of fashions of the mid to late Thirties,
where the skirts got shorter and the Gals bolder!

This French Pattern sheet has 5 Designs including a
dressing robe.

The Instructions and pattern sheet are in French and
you will need to translate. You can use Google translate
or similar, I have always found it easy to do.

Instructions for the sheet
Just follow the keys for each pattern, they are clearly
marked, and trace of the design you want to make.
Then add seam allowance where indicated. It’s as
easy as that. l also give away a free 1920’s sewing
guide with every pattern to help.

Now all that’s left to say is happy sewing!

Each design is in one size, but could easily be graded
up or down.

What you are buying is a Multi-pattern sheet, which
has 5 designs on. You trace the patterns off yourself
and add seam allowance etc.

Reproduction – Copyright My Vintage Wish (2018).
All rights reserved